Graviola leaves powder organic (100 *400 mg) capsules


Graviola leaves powder  has several health benefits, Diuretic, Hypoglycemic, Antioxidant, Anti-rheumatic, Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial.


  • Helps decrease Insomnia
  • Helps on the Improvement of the Immune-system
  • Helps decrease Blood-pressure
  • Helps in the treatment of Stomach-diseases
  • Helps to prevent  Osteoporosis
  • Helps to prevent Anemia
  • Helps regulate the Blood-sugar levels
  • Helps decrease Premature-aging
  • Helps Relieve Rheumatism’s pain

In addition, some studies have shown that soursop can be used to help treat Cancer, as it has an Antioxidant substance capable of destroying Cancer-cells without causing damage to normal cells.

Origin: Pucallpa Peru

Scientific name: Annona muricata L

Composition: 100% organic graviola powder and vegetable capsules

Use: It is recommended to consume 2 capsules during the meal, 6 per day


  • Organic USDA-NOP and EU
  • DIGESA Peruvian Ministry of Health N7402420N / NAAAAD

Contraindications: Not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Warning: The effects of this product is backed by empirical experience of ancient traditional medicines, with excellent results and the absence of harmful side effects if given within the correct dose. The information listed identified here is by no means an ordinance or a prescription, the use of these natural products does not replace a medical consultation.


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Graviola leaves powder or Soursop (Annona muricata) is a tropical fruit originally from Central America, mainly from the Caribbean islands. In Brazil, it is very common in the northern region of the country, as it prefers hot and humid climates.
Indigenous peoples and the ancient peoples of Central America use soursop for medicinal purposes. Their use goes beyond the fruit, which is nutritionally very rich they usually also have seeds, roots, and leaves for the production of tea.

Soursop can be consumed in several ways: natural, as a supplement in capsules, in desserts, teas, and juices.

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